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tv   [untitled]    July 5, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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we make people feel success so they get increasingly more rigorous. it is going to have to be much more innovative and more interesting. i think it is hard for students, but schools but do it well through the generosity of the city, thank you to mayor li, and in lincoln high school, there are 30 students attending, and they are keeping track of it.
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we should be doing a smaller classroom. i think we learned a lot, and i think you're right that summer's " is a band-aid. -- summer school is a band-aid. i think it is a work in progress. thank you.
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>> i think there is some good news here. a large cross-section of our staff was able to listen to our sister school districts about what they have done to develop a safety net for students, and i think everyone left knowing and seeing what the endgame could look like, but i also want to mention that while recognizing there is a tremendous need for efficacy, there are 10 additional folks coming at one of our most undeserving schools, which are going to be
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working through the details and how they work with our office, but we could well come more support, but i want to understand there are additional resources, and i would also like to add that we are requiring every school to have written plan about what they do to provide safety nets for students under not passing their classrooms, -- that are not passing their glasses, and i would like to do a presentation so everything would be viable. they do a wonderful job of actually providing the support as well.
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it is by no means as comprehensive, but having an understanding is really important, and i appreciate the commissioners remarks. >> maybe someone can let her know that she should come back to me about when we should schedule about. >> i want to thank commissioner fuir. i want to make this point. let's just say that what in fact was a problem in summer school at the aptly described, but we
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are going to torture yeaou for sitting there, but it did not work. it was not in line with the program. they were not the best teachers. they were not paying attention to what the kids in not get the time are round. -- that time around. i am hoping that we are able to have it be school of winds -- school aligned, and there are some important lessons for us to learn. good -- that are aligned.
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>> i just have to give a showeu- out to tom for having the brilliance to create an aircraf craft as safety. we would not have sports or music or counselors that we have, and we would not have as much money as we need. i just want to say thank you so much superior -- thank you so
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much. it is always in the engine on the city's househealth, and that continues to be on a decline. this year we are looking at close to 8 million or 9 million, so it varies, but traveling across the country, people are amazed we get the kind of support we get from the city. >> i submitted a long list of questions and suggestions, and i wanted to theank staff very much for their hard work on the budget. >> roll call please.
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>> [calling votes] >> thank you, colleagues. good evenin>> we have one more . i need a motion and a second for the fiscal year adopted budget for the sacramento county structure. it has been moved and seconded three times.
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>> i am just going to read the subject. can i just go straight to the requested action, and the board approve the budget for the school district in the official statement described in accordance with sections. >> i have no public speakers signed up for this item. any comments from the board? >> i want to say, i want to
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commend the staff for working so fast. >> i want to say this is the first time we have had this prepared, and in keeping with so many things, i just want to thank staff. this is a huge job, and you are doing a great job. >> i want to thank -- i know we
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are very appreciative of the worth of budget apartment in particular has done and also with respect to getting the facts ready on the same evening as aheaof budget adoption. >> reports were done on a regular basis. it is really done to do one budget one way and to have a second budget a second wave. last time we have begudone in te same month, and his time we basically did it so we would have it on the same day periods of -- on the same day.
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it is wonderful for a spirited crowds are want to thank rica for spending almost -- >> i also want to thank rita for spending almost three months on this. >> if there are no other discussions and regional parks are want to interject one thing. -- parts are just want to interject one thing. but i want to thank coleman advocates and their confidence -- constant participation. i want to give them a huge thank you for participating and for
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speaking with us and supporting us as well, but i want to thank them and the staff for sharing the information. good i want to offer congratulations for the budget, which not a lot of people want to dive into. thank you all for working on them. >> if there is no further comments, and roll call please? [calling votes] >> seven ayes. >> congratulations. thank you. most budget staff members go
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after this, but we are going to come back, because we want to be here early. we have done the next 3 items. we have also done public speakers. gooitem k is appointment by boad members. item l we have already taken up. the next item we have taken up and moved it. i need a motion and a second to the california department of schools code change academy. >> so moved. >> are reading? >> requested action that the board approved an application for the academic academy the
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submitted for a change. >> thank you. i have no public speakers signed out. any comments? roll call please. [calling votes] >> seven ayes. >> n, we have non. o is to vote on the consent calendar. roll call please hear your region roll call please. yocommissioner maufendoza: yes
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except on certain items. >> k34, i do not have a problem with it, but are want to know. what i care about is the utility of this is a man and how it is working. we did what i care about is the ability to make this work -- what i care about is the ability to make this work. >> actually, this is not really so much for payment of people during grosvenor -- for payment
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during your -- for payment. that is what is necessary. >> do we think it is working out ok? do we know the relative cost of this system and its usefulness in terms of what ever else we could be doing? >> there are really only two major players in this area. the vast majority of school districts use one of the two. the private sector should be very jealous of this small amount. >> the you want to vote on th firstat -- do you want to vote on that first?
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>> [calling votes] seven ayes. >> items 37 and 38, can those be taken together? >> yes, i appreciate the changes made to the first one because it was so generalized, so i am going to ask, does this mean we are going to be able to operate as though this $300,000 amount will not spend more on outside lawyers for special end. >> we will not spend more without additional approval, so we will be submitting another resolution. >> how does that compare to what we spent this year?
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>> we have been 500,000 over the last two years, which is significantly less than it had been in crisis -- in previous years. we hope to see a reduction in that area. ghraib >> it is us operational -- it is the operational. >> we can try to anticipate, but we do not have an answer. >> in the special education budget we just voted on, there were $300,000 in there, but that was different from this contract. is that correct? >> that is correct.
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the amount of money is for litigation costs, and for the special education, it is for special costs. >> the user fees paid as part of litigation? >> our lawyers are paid out of this budget. >> you told us this is a longer list. is this comparable? can we reasonably hope it might not be more than that? >> last year it was a little
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higher. we have an amount in case an issue comes up where we cannot handle about, and we will not use that money unless we have approval. we have tried to create a bench of law firms. we found that lets us not only to compare the quality, but it allows us to compare the outcomes. we significantly reduced what we used to be charged for. we have to preapproved the attorneys, and we also require a
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budget, and this gives us the ability to control costs superior -- control costs. >> you have 1.5 million plus $500,000 for special ed. >> yes, it is through the county superior -- through the county. >> you're asking for asa and -- permission to spend 300,000 out of the 500,000. >> that is correct. >> i want to say i appreciate the way you are approaching the
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contracts with outside law firms compared to what you used to do, and i ask this question earlier and was not going to question it, but i do appreciate the fact that you have a bench. i keep thinking interests -- jurists, but i think that is a good approach. we can pick and choose, and depending on some of front contract, it feels like you almost have to use amounthem, so thank you.
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>> i also want to thank you for your approach and how you are going to undertake the work they need, and also i'd appreciate her you have really taken the view on how we can get things done, but i wanted to ask, if you have any information you can share with us, and in the past we have had negotiated services, and i would like to know what
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our relationship looks like now with the city attorney. i am happy to hear them now, what ever you have. >> we have $350,000 but was given -- that was given, but they have significant expertise they still rely on. in our litigation, and they continue to be our counsel, and we do utilize their assistance when we get inquiries about where the office has a lot of expertise or on issues related to employment, and we still rely on their expertise quite a
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little bit. >> just on how you land on this number, $986,000, it is not like you take 17 and survived it by however much you are looking at, but how do you get your numbers? >> i rely on our manager superior -- our manager. she did an analysis and tried to anticipate the allocation of the money, but i do not know the exact formula. we wanted to stay below 1 million to have for ourselves.
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>> are there any other questions? roll-call please. [calling votes] >> seven ayes. >> our next item is -- getting close. item q. i need a motion and a second. thank you. we are going to refer this to curriculum and to budget. >> within the timeline, we will not have a curriculum meeting,
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so i would like to do this as a memo, and we will discuss it at second reading. >> our budget committee will not meet before this will be voted on. it is a new charter to us. we should scrutinize this much more, so i am reluctant to have a it because they are new. it is a brand new charter schools, and i know very little about them, so i would request staff to have an extension on this, to do and who do
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diligence -- to have due diligence. >> do they get this approved for the upcoming school year? i do not see why we need to rush through this. >> this has been oddly submitted to us late in june. >> they said no, but we are not going to hear it in to lie, and it is not tununtil the following school year. >> if we do not hear it,